rstpRSTP offers an online training course called Introduction to the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program two to three times a year.

The 10-week course provides basic information on sponsoring overseas refugees to Canada. It is intended for people in Canada who are interested in learning about and getting involved in the private sponsorship of refugees. The objective of this training is to offer a flexible way of learning about private refugee sponsorship issues and to reach out to new and potential sponsors in remote and rural areas of Canada.

The e-training course is divided into eight parts which cover the following topics:

  1. Global Overview of Forced Migration
  2. Canada’s immigration Programs
  3. Who may be sponsored?Eligibility and Admissibility
  4. The Private Sponsorship Process – An Overview
  5. Who can Sponsor? The Application Process
  6. Settlement Planning
  7. Overseas Processing and Post-Arrival
  8. Resettlement of Refugees with Special Needs

Each part (module) includes a discussion question, additional learning resources and multiple choice quiz. At the end of this 10-week-long program, students will complete a final written test and receive a certificate upon successful completion of the requirements of the course.


To indicate your interest in registering for this session of the course, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will be added to a waiting list that will receive further details on registration and enrollment, including the confirmed dates, when it becomes available.

- As taken from the RSTP website available here.

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