Refugee Sponsorship Forms CompetionAt this point, a Core Team will be in place, the Church Board will have given their approval, and fundraising has begun. Once the church has signed the "Church Letter of Support" it is time to select a refugee family if that hasn't been done yet, and complete the application forms.

Completing the Forms

The paperwork required to sponsor a refugee has 2 components:

  1. Sponsorship Group Forms, and
  2. Refugee (Family) Forms

Within "Sponsorship Group Forms", there are also 2 components: documents required by the SAH detailed in 1. below, and forms required by IRCC detailed in 2. below. 

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1. Documents required by the AGC SAH:

  • Refugee Pre-screening Form
    • This form is only required when a church group is working with a local family as co-sponsors, or if the church has self-identified a refugee for sponsorship.
    • If your group has opted for a BVOR or JAS sponsorship, or if you have been matched with an AGC referred refugee family, this prescreening form has already been completed and is NOT required.
  • Detailed Settlement Plan Templates -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a personalized excel booklet containing a settlement plan template and a budget template, completed with IRCC Minimum Calculation rates in your area.  
  • Letter of Church Support from the church board (proof of funding in place). 
  • Sponsorship MOU & RSI Agreement
    • This agreement will be signed by the CG and the SAH, or in the case of a co-sponsorship, all 3 parties (CG, SAH & co-sponsor) will sign.

2. Documents required by IRCC (complete and submit to the SAH)

canada logoFor the Sponsorship Group

Use the step-by-step guide to complete all the required forms for both the sponsoring group and the refugee.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need assistance.

In the unusual circumstance that the refugees will not live in the same community as the sponsorship group (generally more than 30km away), you will need:

  • IMM5956 - Appointment of Representative(s) in Expected Community of Settlement

For the Refugee(s) 

man africanThe family member with the strongest refugee case is designated the "Principal Applicant". The Principal Applicant must complete & submit the following forms, available in a concise application kit HERE. 

Refer to the Principal Applicant's Instruction Guide (IMM 6000) for help with these documents. "Step 3: Fill in your forms" gives detailed guidance for each question.

Use the link above to access the instruction guide and all the current necessary forms for the refugee portion of the undertaking which will include:

  • IMM0008 - Generic Application Form for Canada
    • completed by Principal Applicant (PA) only.
  • IMM5669 - Schedule A: Background / Declaration
    • completed by PA, the spouse and all dependants ages 18 - 21.
  • IMM0008 SCH2 - Schedule 2: Refugees Outside Canada 
    • completed by PA, the spouse and all dependants ages 18 - 21.

An application may also include: 

  • IMM5476 - Use of a Representative
    • (Optional, but highly recommended.)
  • IMM 008DEP - Additional Dependants
    • only use this form if the PA has more than 5 dependants

Children 17 years and younger (of the Principal Applicant) will also be listed on the PA’s IMM0008 Generic Application under the additional dependant information in Section E. These children do not require any additional forms to be completed.

Children 22 years and older (of the Principal Applicant) should NOT be listed as a dependant on the PA’s IMM0008 Generic Application. These children require their own application package:

  • IMM0008 - Generic Application
  • IMM0008 - Schedule 2
  • IMM5669 - Schedule A
  • IMM5476 - Use of a Representative (Optional, however highly recommended).

check listChecklist & Supporting Documentation

The Principal Applicant's Instruction Guide provides a list of supporting documents that should be submitted with the application (certified copies not originals). As a minimum, the refugees should provide some form of official ID documentation if at all possible (Passport, National ID, Birth Certificate etc.). The supporting documentation is used to prove their identity, their family relationships and may also be used to corroborate their refugee story.


Once an application is submitted, of course life continues on. As you continue to keep in touch with the refugee family, you may hear that a family member gets married, gets pregnant, perhaps someone dies, or a child is adopted. If there is any change to the family composition, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will direct you in the appropriate course of action. Some situations require getting in touch with ROC-O or the Visa Office abroad; others require adding a form to their application. We will guide you through that process.

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