people groupThere is usually 8 - 36 months for sponsors to prepare for a family's arrival once the application has been submitted to Ottawa. Sometimes even more. During these months sponsors will need to complete the required training and screening as well as prepare practically for the newcomers' arrival.

Along with the Core Team, there is usually a wider group of volunteers that are planning to be involved in some degree with settlement support after the family arrives. Anyone who is planning to spend time one-on-one with any family members must take all required training and screening. If someone is planning to relate to the family more casually - generally in group settings when other Core Team members are present - then no training or screening is required. It will be up to Core Team members to ensure all volunteers interact with family members respectfully and navigate any misunderstandings that may arise.

rstpRequired Training

Required training includes watching and discussing a series of webinars facilitated by RSTP. Webinars are updated from time to time, so please refer to the "Webinars" page for current titles and times.

Volunteer Screening

Anyone wanting to spend time one-on-one with the newcomer family must complete two volunteer screening components:

  1. A Vulnerable Sector Screening Check with their local police department. Results of those checks should be submitted to the Team Lead to be kept on file in the church office.
  2. Plan to Protect Orientation Training or something comparable. Plan to Protect does offer a Refugee and New Immigrant module, but the information specific to refugees and newcomers is outdated and sometimes erroneous. We do not recommend you take this module specifically.

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