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Tearfund UkraineThe AGC is partnering with Tearfund to help bring emergency relief to Ukrainians today.

Thousands of Ukrainian women and children have abandoned their homes. They are terrified that if they stay, their lives will be threatened. They are fleeing to the borders, praying their neighbours will let them in.

Their husbands, fathers and sons cannot go with them. The Ukrainian government has held them back to fight.

As the situation changes hour by hour, we want you to know that our partners on the ground are springing into action, especially those situated in border countries, preparing to welcome and support those in most need.

Your gift today will reach families and churches affected by the crisis, providing them things like emergency housing and supplies such as blankets and food. We are collaborating with our fellow Canadian Foodgrains Bank member, Mennonite Central Committee. Their partners are on the ground right now, assessing the situation.

Please consider your emergency gift today.

Whether you send $10 or $10,000 – your gift will be used to help vulnerable Ukrainian families.

We pray this is over quickly. We pray God will be with the people. We pray for a miracle.

In the meantime, we cannot sit on the sidelines. Please join us in providing essential emergency food to families in Ukraine.

Thank you for your generous support.

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