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Assisting AGC churches resettle refugees through

Canada's Private Sponsorship of Refugees Programs

Who We Are

The AGC has been a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) since February 2019. Refugee sponsorship is new for many of the churches associated with us, but we have a solid process in place to assist our churches whether they work alone or in collaboration with others.

Since 2015, our churches have helped to resettle more than 90 refugees to Canada with more churches getting involved every year.

Why We Sponsor

As Christians who live in Canada, we are doubly blessed. At a time when millions of refugees around the world are persecuted, fearful and in danger, our churches can do something. We have the ability to sponsor refugee families to come to Canada where they can be free again to simply live their lives.

As we work together, our faith in action will bring hope and home to those who have lost more than we can imagine.

How We Sponsor

Churches can sponsor a refugee family on their own, or they can collaborate with others.

Co-sponsors often have teams of people and either all or some of the finances required. Sometimes people in other parts of the world are able to raise the necessary funds so that an AGC church need only provide a settlement team and then disburse funds after newcomers arrive.

"I cannot do everything, but I must not do nothing."

- Baronness Caroline Cox

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